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One mediaeval house: five centuries of history, stories &


Imagine if a 500 year old house could reveal its secrets?

What if one of the oldest houses in Bury St Edmunds finally

told the stories of the people that lived in it? Their trials,

tribulations, lives and deaths? Their struggles to survive the

turbulent times Mediaeval life threw at them?

How were they affected by, or even involved in, some of the

monumental historical events that Bury St Edmunds experienced?

In The Crown Post author and former resident of the house,

has woven a compelling and fascinating tale that combines

factual occurrences with the fictional characters who might have

lived in the (real) house.

Starting with its construction in 1485, through the Dissolution

of Bury’s magnificent Abbey, the bloody English Civil to the

deadly Black Death and the infamous Witch trials, the house and

its residents witnessed them all first hand.

UK Buyers:

UK Buyers:

The Crown Post: Paperback


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