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Book 3: A pre-quel to the French Creek series.


Fiction based on fact: Why and how the Collapse of eastern America happened.

S.O.S. The Storm of all Storms takes readers deep into the heart of chaos, capturing the unforgiving combination of natural disasters that plunged the eastern half of America back to the Pioneer era. 


In this fusion of truth and imagination, the book weaves a convincing story that reveals the series of interconnected events leading to the Collapse, asking, is it a question of ‘when, not if?’


From multiple perspectives spanning the United States and beyond, the book lays bare how modern America’s fragile society could unravel at frightening speed.

Yet the forces behind this devastation go beyond natural disasters to foreign and domestic terrorists who see the Collapse as an opportunity to overthrow American society. 


In this fascinating novel S.O.S The Storm of all Storms, the boundaries blur between fact and fiction, leaving readers asking the question: where and when does reality end and imagination begin?


As America descends into anarchy, the book leaves us with the unsettling notion that this catastrophic scenario could very well be closer to the truth than we think.


S.O.S. The Storm of all Storms is a packed with suspense and speculation, fact and fiction, immersing readers into a world where the norms of civilization disappear to be replaced with chaos, lawlessness and a society thrown back into the 18th century.

S.O.S The Storm of all Storms

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