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Looking for a thrilling, easy and entertaining read? Want to read a novel with a different scenario from Zombies, EMP's, Pandemics & Nuclear War?

One with real characters, facing real problems without an arsenal of weapons and a cabin full of supplies? The kind of situation any of us could find ourselves in?

Then you'll really enjoy French Creek (and its sequel A Return to the 21st Century?)

Think this couldn't happen? Think again...

Following a combination of natural disasters, in the space of just a few weeks, one-half of America plunges back into the Pioneer era.

With no functioning economy, law or order, utilities, healthcare or food supplies, the population east of the Mississippi collapses into chaos. Half of America is now a devastated wasteland with millions fleeing to the west for a better life.

To protect themselves against this flood of refugees, states west of the Mississippi use the river as a security barrier, creating a 'Berlin Wall' that divides America.

Five years after what became known as 'The Collapse', the small community of French Creek in Kentucky has adjusted to 19th-century living. They have survived the worst. Or so they thought. Until a group of strangers appear and begin disrupting their peaceful community.

The strangers are on the hunt for people wanting to make the dangerous journey across the Mississippi to the West. Their arrival creates tension and dissent as some villagers find the offer to leave a tempting one. In the end a group decides to make the treacherous journey to Memphis and into the mercy of the murderous coyotes who promise to transport them across the river.

But it's not as simple as that. As the story unfolds you'll meet characters, good and bad, some who make it to the end of the book-and some who don't!

Book One: French Creek

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