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Book Two in the French Creek Series.


Looking for an easy to read, entertaining and thrilling book? Then this follow up to the highly successful French Creek is a novel you'll want to read.

Can the collapsed eastern half of America, a society still stuck in the pioneer era, be successfully brought back into the 21st century?


The Federal Government, now based in Sacramento, decides it’s time to try. They choose Kentucky as the launch pad for the ‘Rescue, Relief and Reconstruction’ of the east. But the plan faces overwhelming challenges, Ones that could lead to civil war..


- A corrupt Kentucky Senator who will stop at nothing to ensure its success, and steal back millions of dollars.

- The 'Mafia’ leader of Louisville, who sees the plan ending his position of power, and will fight to protect it at all costs.

- In Alabama, a power hungry, preacher, believes he can broker a solution, and make himself rich in the process.

In the middle of this lethal three way battle, the leader of French Creek, Roger Makefield, tries to keep the peace between the warring factions–and to complicate matters, he falls in love.

Throw into this cauldron of intrigue, a covert mercenary team, some hungry pigs, ‘redneck’ rebels and tensions back in French Creek, it all adds up to an enthralling, rollercoaster of a read.

Return to the 21st Century?: An engrossing chronicle of power, greed, corruption and hope.

A Return to the 21st Century?

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